Famous individual shares candid insights about Oprah Winfrey’s realities

Former Charmed star Rose McGowan criticized Oprah Winfrey for what she sees as hypocrisy in supporting the #MeToo movement. McGowan tweeted an old photo of Oprah with Harvey Weinstein, accusing her of being fake and complicit in a “sick power structure.”

She also mentioned Oprah’s association with Russell Simmons, who faced sexual assault allegations. Oprah had stepped down as the executive producer of a #MeToo documentary about Simmons, citing creative differences.

Oprah responded to her friendship with Weinstein, claiming she didn’t know about his misconduct. She emphasized the importance of focusing on all sexual assault stories, not just Weinstein’s. McGowan, who accused Weinstein of rape, sent a message to those in various industries, implying accountability.

In a nutshell, McGowan accused Oprah of insincerity in her #MeToo support due to past associations, while Oprah defended her intentions and emphasized the broader importance of addressing sexual assault issues.