Fans worried Miley Cyrus in “in danger” after spotting bodyguard’s hidden move at Grammy Awards

Miley Cyrus claimed her first Grammy Award, but the focus has shifted from her success to online speculation about her safety due to her bodyguard’s seemingly unusual behavior. A video from the Grammy Awards red carpet went viral, showing Cyrus walking alongside her bodyguard carrying an umbrella. Some online observers suggested the bodyguard’s actions indicated anticipation of a potential threat.

While there’s no evidence supporting danger to Cyrus, the eight-second clip amassed 32 million views. Comments on social media varied, with some alleging a hidden weapon, like a “fake arm holding an umbrella.” Others took a less suspicious stance, attributing it to rain and dismissing the speculation.

In the video, comments range from concerns about a disguised firearm to a more practical interpretation of an umbrella for rainy weather. Despite conflicting opinions, the attention surrounding the bodyguard’s actions has generated widespread discussion online, overshadowing the night’s Grammy winners and events.

In conclusion, Miley Cyrus’s Grammy night success is overshadowed by online speculation about her safety, fueled by a viral video of her bodyguard’s allegedly unusual moves on the red carpet. Despite differing opinions on social media, the incident has captured significant attention.