Fans Worry for Priscilla’s Well-Being Seeing Her after She Finally Confessed about Life with Elvis

Priscilla Presley made her first public appearance since her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. She attended the 80th International Film Festival in Venice, Italy, on September 3, 2023, where Sophia Coppola’s biopic based on Priscilla’s 1985 biography “Elvis and Me” premiered.

Priscilla Presley attends a red carpet for the movie “Priscilla” September 04, 2023 in Venice, Italy.

Priscilla, dressed in black with a Chanel bag, appeared solemn, raising concerns among fans. Some described her as looking ghostly and unhappy.

Wedding Photos of Elvis Presley to Priscilla on May 01,1967

In her biopic’s wake, Priscilla opened up about her relationship with Elvis Presley, revealing they met when she was 14 and he was 24. They bonded emotionally before marrying in 1967. Elvis passed away in 1977, four years after their divorce.

Tragically, Priscilla also spoke about the loss of her daughter, Lisa Marie, who died due to a small intestine obstruction resulting from scar tissue. This revelation deeply affected Priscilla, who expressed the pain of losing her child.

Priscilla Presley celebrates backstage with her daughter Lisa Marie Presley

Priscilla’s recent appearance and candid revelations have sparked concerns about her well-being, leaving fans empathetic towards the actress and her enduring grief.