Father Prioritizes Dog Over Son: Chooses to Carry Pet Instead

In a viral TikTok video, a father’s choice to carry his dog while his child walked stirred debate. Luz Elena captured the moment, sparking discussions on prioritizing pets over children. The video garnered over 4 million views and 5,000 comments, with divided opinions. Some defended the father’s action, suggesting the child’s comfort wasn’t compromised.

Human affection for pets often rivals that for children. Dr. Julian Lagoy notes that caring for pets is simpler and less stressful than for children. This preference isn’t uncommon, especially with dogs and cats, known for their companionship.

However, favoring pets over children may indicate deeper issues. Dr. Lagoy advises seeking professional help if this preference leads to neglecting or mistreating children.

Loving pets more than children isn’t inherently wrong. Understanding the reasons behind such feelings can foster better relationships. Ultimately, the bond between a person and their pet is special and shouldn’t be shamed.