Fearless dog stays by friends’ side after falling through ice and calls for rescue to save the day…

In a reminiscent tale of Lassie, Whimsy, a courageous dog, stayed by his friend Pickles’ side after Pickles fell through the ice in St. George Lake, Maine. Whimsy’s persistent calls for help prompted a swift response from Liberty Fire and Rescue.

Despite not falling through the ice himself, Whimsy remained steadfast beside Pickles, barking for assistance until rescuers arrived. The heartwarming moment of Pickles’ rescue was captured on camera, with Whimsy staying devotedly by his side throughout.

Paramedic Corey Bonnevie recounted how Whimsy refused to leave Pickles even after being warmed up with blankets. This act of loyalty highlights Whimsy as the true hero of the story.

Following the successful rescue, both dogs were safely returned to their owners. Liberty Fire & Rescue commended their team’s efforts and announced plans to acquire their own rescue sled, hopeful that such daring rescues won’t be necessary anytime soon.