Female Police Officer Dies After Suspect Spat On Her Face During Arrest

A female police officer has died after contracting tuberculosis from a suspect who spat on her during an arrest. Arina Koltsova, 35, was arresting a man on New Year’s Day when he spat in her face, unknowingly transmitting the disease. Koltsova initially went untreated until collapsing at work, leading to a tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment.

Photo credit: Arina Koltsova via CEN

She underwent chemotherapy and suffered significant weight loss before passing away. Koltsova’s police department mourned her loss, acknowledging her desire to make positive changes in the country. Friends remember her as someone who aimed to create a better future.

Tuberculosis, usually treatable with antibiotics over six to twelve months, can become drug-resistant and more challenging to treat. It remains unclear whether Koltsova’s case was drug-resistant or if her diagnosis and treatment were delayed.

The suspect’s potential charges in connection with Koltsova’s death remain uncertain.