Guy Fieri Refuses to Seat Members of “The View” in His Restaurant: “They’re Loud and Divisive”

Guy Fieri Denies “The View” Seats: “Loud and Divided.”

Guy Fieri’s “Flavortown” restaurant rejected Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin. The hosts of the sinking ship “The View” stopped by for dinner but were sent away.

“Guy was here,” said restaurant manager Joe Barron. They always start a shouting match with other customers. He personally escorted them out.”

Fieri was polite until Whoopi called him racist. “And you’re delusional,” he said, pointing to Joy Behar, a white woman.

Goldberg left and never returned after her race card failed. She threatened Fieri by mentioning the incident to her audience. He replied, “I’ve seen your audience—there isn’t one.”

After the incident, the ladies ordered a shareable “Aborted Fetus Salad” and three veggie burgers at Garth Brooks’ gastropub down the street.

Goldberg advised, “If you’re gonna drop $400 on lunch in Beverly Hills, it’s best to get some adrenochrome with your meal.”

Patriots, they’re ill. Investigate them forever.Shakes fist. Bless America.