Handler Refuses To Let Little Girl Pet Service Dog, Little Girl’s Mom Loses It

A viral video has sparked controversy as an irate mother confronted a service dog handler who refused her 2-year-old daughter’s request to pet the dog. Megan, the handler, politely declined, as service dogs require focus and petting can disrupt their training.

The mother returned in a fit of rage, shouting at Megan and her colleagues for the refusal. Megan recorded the incident, and the video has since gained over 4 million views on social media.

The mother defended herself, claiming Megan should have had a sign and used a softer tone. However, Megan’s dog wore a vest with clear instructions: ‘Please do not pet me, I’m working,’ ‘Do not touch,’ and ‘Do not pet.’

Megan also noted that harassing a service dog is illegal. This incident highlights the importance of respecting service dogs and their handlers, as their work is vital for individuals with disabilities.