Harsh Remarks Including Her Huge Belly. “The worst pregnant belly I have ever seen”

Ignoring the Trolls 29-year-old Eliana Rodriguez recently gave birth to her second child, Sebastian, and faced a barrage of comments about her larger-than-average pregnancy bump. Despite remarks like “You are gigantic” and “You seem to be expecting twins,” Rodriguez assured that both she and her child are healthy. “I had large pregnancies; both of my children were born weighing 8.3 pounds,” she said.

It’s All Normal Rodriguez’s doctors attributed her big belly to her short stature and carrying a lot of amniotic fluid. However, she was not diagnosed with polyhydramnios, an excess of amniotic fluid that occurs in 1%-2% of pregnancies. “They measured the baby’s size and the amount of fluids,” Rodriguez mentioned.

Heightened Curiosity and Intrusiveness While it’s easy to ignore comments online, Rodriguez noted that people are usually more nosy in person. She has never been rude in response and said, “Yes, I am huge and it’s hard.”

A Call for Sensitivity Rodriguez calls for people to refrain from body-shaming remarks, especially since some women may be dealing with prenatal or postpartum depression. “I understand that some individuals have less sympathy for others,” she expressed, urging kindness and understanding.