‘He Did What?’: On Trump, Merkel’s Face Does The Talking

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is renowned for her diplomatic discretion, refraining from commenting on the internal politics of other countries, even when it involves the U.S. president. However, her facial expressions often convey her true feelings.

During a summer press briefing, former U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell claimed that President Trump had charmed Merkel. In response, Merkel’s surprised expression, knitted brows, and leaning towards the reporter conveyed her bewilderment.

Merkel’s use of facial expressions as non-verbal cues has long been a part of her political communication style. These expressions reflect her state of mind, especially in interactions with President Trump.

Her non-verbal diplomacy, combined with her silence on foreign domestic issues, demonstrates her respect for international boundaries while ensuring her reactions are understood. In a world where words can stir discord, Merkel’s approach is a masterclass in diplomatic communication.