He Said His Parrot Could Sing My Favorite Song. I Didn’t Believe Him Until The Music Started

During the pandemic, many, like Frank Maglio Jr., sought solace in art and music while working from home. Given special permission due to his diabetes, Maglio explored new hobbies. One unexpected result was a viral video featuring his parrot, Tico, singing along to Maglio’s guitar playing.

Maglio first recorded Tico’s impromptu performance during a guitar session, uploading it to Facebook. The clip quickly gained popularity, prompting Maglio to record a second video where Tico, “uncaged,” sang along to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Despite the bird’s imperfect singing, the video went viral on YouTube with almost two million views.

Maglio, surprised by Tico’s unexpected fame, shared the second video on YouTube, inviting viewers to relive the parrot’s earlier success. The comment section overflowed with reactions, including praise for Tico’s musicality and admiration for Maglio’s willingness to share the spotlight.

One commenter, recalling their own musical pet, shared, “My budgie used to compose accompaniments to music we heard… he died this spring. I miss you, Little Genius.” Tico’s unique performance brought joy and a sense of connection to thousands, showcasing the power of unexpected creativity during challenging times.