Her son came home with a red mark on his face, so she rushed him to the Emergency Room. This is scary stuff for parents everywhere.

During this flu season, parents are facing a concerning issue that has left children with unusual facial marks. When Coop, a child from Idaho, complained of a mark on his nose, his parents initially thought it was a minor injury. However, the mark worsened despite treatment, leading them to the emergency room where Coop was diagnosed with strep infection in his sinuses. Strep, it turns out, doesn’t just affect the throat; there are various strains with unique symptoms.

Another mother shared her story on Facebook when her son developed a fever and strange facial marks during the flu season. Rushing him to the emergency room, he was diagnosed with strep throat and the flu, both positive tests for the boy.

Candace Reeves McMahan from Oklahoma faced a more severe case. Her son’s strep infection progressed to the point where he needed surgery due to red and puffy eyes dangerously close to the brain.

These brave families are sharing their experiences to raise awareness.

Strep infections can manifest in unusual ways beyond the throat. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial, as these children have fortunately recovered. Parents should stay vigilant during flu season and be aware of these important signs to protect their children’s health.