He’s filthy rich but can’t find a girlfriend!

SelfHacked CEO Joe Cohen, 30, is taking an unconventional path to find love in Southern California, offering a $10,000 reward and a $2,000 finder’s fee for a successful matchmaker connection. His ideal partner should be low in neuroticism, high in conscientiousness, preferably Jewish, open-minded, intelligent, under 5’9”, childless, aged 20-30, possess humor, self-awareness, and a non-materialistic attitude. He’ll cover travel expenses for the initial meeting, with the $10,000 reward contingent on a four-month relationship.

Describing himself as intellectual, friendly, and straightforward, Cohen enjoys challenging norms, hiking, tennis, traveling, and meeting interesting people. Traditional methods of finding love haven’t worked for him in Southern California.

His approach has generated over 400 messages and 3,000 ad views. Others, like Alan, are also using online ads to seek love without financial incentives. It’s an opportunity for matchmakers to help Cohen and potentially earn a reward in the process. Cohen sees this as a worthwhile investment in finding a life partner.s