He’s Ungodly and Woke”: Guy Fieri Throws Tom Hanks Out Of His Restaurant

In a comedic twist, Guy Fieri reportedly ejected actor Tom Hanks from one of his diners, branding him as “ungodly and woke.” Hanks, known for his wholesome image, found himself at odds with Fieri’s bold declaration in the realm of Flavortown.

Picture Hanks entering a Fieri establishment, anticipating a classic American meal, while Fieri, sporting his trademark spiky hair, approaches and bizarrely labels him “ungodly and woke,” unfit for Flavortown’s sanctum.

How did Hanks earn this odd title? Was it his portrayals of virtuous characters or his real-life persona exuding kindness?

Now, imagine Hanks as a clandestine culinary critic, renowned for his refined palate. He’s the nightmare of every diner, with tastes too sophisticated for even the cheesiest concoctions.

As Fieri ushers Hanks out, bewildered patrons witness the spectacle, their meals forgotten amid the absurdity. It’s a scene of perplexed stares and abandoned plates, as diners grapple with the unexpected diner drama.