Hiker Falls 600 Feet Down Mountain, State Troopers Discover Her But She Attracted Company

A 21-year-old hiker named Amelia Milling had a harrowing experience when she slipped and fell 600 feet down a mountain in Alaska. Lost and injured, she was aided by an unexpected hero – a husky named Nanook.

As Milling navigated the trail, Nanook suddenly appeared and guided her back to safety. However, Milling later slipped into a freezing river while attempting to cross it. Struggling to stay afloat, she had to remove her backpack. She recalled, “I was really struggling to breathe. My whole body was numb.”

In a courageous move, Nanook jumped into the river, grabbed Milling’s backpack, and helped her reach dry land. Using her satellite phone, Milling called for help, and both were rescued the next day by Alaska state troopers.

Nanook was reunited with his owner, Scott Swift, who revealed that the husky had saved other hikers in the past. Milling referred to Nanook as her “guardian angel” and expressed her gratitude for his heroic actions.

Swift stated that Nanook’s acts of rescue extend beyond those known, showcasing the husky’s exceptional nature.