Hilary Swank Finally Unveils ‘Sweet’ Names of Her Twin Babies & Son’s Name Sparks Discussion

Hilary Swank delighted followers on Valentine’s Day, revealing the names of her ten-month-old twins in an Instagram post. Set against a beach backdrop, the photo showcased Aya and Ohm, with profound meanings – “colorful, bird, sign” and “Primordial Sound.”

The revelation sparked mixed reactions, with some finding the names beautiful while others questioned the origin of Ohm. Despite discussions, Swank received praise, with fans expressing admiration and warm wishes.

Known for her Hollywood roles, Swank became a first-time mother in her late 40s, facing criticism for the decision. She shared her pregnancy news in October, receiving both cheers and judgment. Throughout her pregnancy, Swank celebrated the joy, emphasizing the magical aspects of being pregnant in her 40s.

Despite societal criticism, Swank remained optimistic, encouraging women in their 40s to embrace their desires for family. The recent names revelation adds another chapter to Swank’s journey of late motherhood, sparking discussions and reflections on unconventional choices.