“Home Improvement” stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn reunite for a new television show

Beloved comedic duo Tim Allen and Richard Karn, known for their roles in the iconic “Home Improvement,” have reunited for a new television series, “Assembly Required.” Premiering on the History Channel in 2021, the show deviates from scripted comedy, presenting a competition where builders showcase their skills.

The duo’s chemistry, reminiscent of their “Home Improvement” days, brings laughter to “Assembly Required.” Despite the shift in format, the hosts’ comedic timing and the participants’ ingenuity keep the audience entertained. Both Allen and Karn expressed excitement about their collaboration, frequently sharing promotional content on social media.

“Assembly Required” follows a competition format, inviting builders, handymen, and construction workers to tackle household problems creatively. Challenges involve breathing life into old household items, with participants judged on their inventive solutions. The show’s buzz began before its release, drawing fans eager to witness the duo’s on-screen reunion.

The first season, featuring remarkable builders striving to become the best, is accessible to fans. While the confirmation of a second season remains pending, the initial season promises a captivating blend of humor and creativity for viewers to enjoy.