Homeless man’s life is changed by a police officer’s Bible gift

A video by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina highlights Robert Morris, a once-addicted homeless man, whose life was profoundly impacted by Deputy Matt Holman’s compassionate act. In 2014, Holman encountered Morris, soaked and alone, living on the streets after battling addiction.

Morris, who had lost family and succumbed to addiction, shared his story with Holman. Asked about his needs, Morris requested a Bible. Despite the deputy’s initial hesitation, Holman gave him his personal Bible, believing Morris needed it more.

Months later, Morris called Holman to express his gratitude and share the positive changes since their encounter. He credited Holman with helping him seek mental health treatment, repair relationships, and overcome homelessness. Morris passed away in 2022, transformed by Holman’s kindness.