Homeowner Is Furious After Neighbor Builds A Fence Going Through Their Garage And Pool

An Orlando homeowner divided their land into two plots, later selling one. The buyer faced issues as they owned both properties with separate mortgages. They built a structure between the plots, complicating matters.

Due to foreclosure, one side went to a bank, and the other returned to the original owner. Over six years, the vacant home deteriorated, affecting the neighborhood.

The owner of the smaller plot, unable to build a house on it, erected a fence that cut through the pool and garage of the adjacent home. This devalued the property, reflecting the complex mortgage situation. There was an offer for the smaller plot to buy the adjacent property, but the bank refused. The bank offered $40,000 for the small portion instead.

The local City Council ruled in favor of the owner of the small plot, allowing them to build on it. Though the issue is resolved legally, the fence remains as a reminder of the dispute.