How Celine Dion’s sons are helping her in the wake of her most recent, “heartbreaking,” health setback

Celine Dion has postponed the remaining 42 dates of her Courage World Tour due to health issues. She expressed her regret, saying, “Even when you’re 100% healthy, touring can be really challenging, so I’m working extremely hard to regain my strength.” She assured fans she won’t give up and is eager to return.

Her sons have been her main support during this tough time, offering her love and hope. Celine has been diagnosed with stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological condition characterized by muscle rigidity and spasms, often triggered by touch, noise, or stress. It affects more women than men and can limit mobility.

Celine has been working with medical professionals to recover and regain her ability to perform. Despite her health setback, she recently starred in her first feature film, “Love Again,” receiving praise for her acting skills. Fans are excited about her role, describing it as “ageless” and “sassy/funny.”