How Cher Would Look At 77 If She Never Had a Facelift or Dyed Her Hair: Photos via Al

Pop legend Cher, known for her timeless beauty, has openly discussed her aversion to aging. In a recent interview marking the 25th anniversary of her groundbreaking album “Believe,” Cher expressed irritation at the milestone. The 77-year-old star dislikes aging but remains committed to her signature look, refusing to let her hair turn gray or alter her style.

Cher in her 50s via AI | Source: Midjourney

Cher, transparent about her cosmetic procedures, has referred to herself as the “poster girl for plastic surgery.” Despite facing cosmetic challenges, like a botched breast augmentation, she maintains her iconic appearance. Cher questions the trend of drastic alterations for young girls and emphasizes talent over appearance in her profession.

In 2018, at 72, Cher embraced the role of a glamorous grandmother in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” showcasing her versatility. Though she wishes for grandchildren, she believes grandparents are more fun than parents.

Cher in her 60s via AI | Source: Midjourney

To explore how Cher might look without cosmetic enhancements, AI-generated images depict her at different ages. These creative images reveal a more natural, gracefully aging Cher, celebrating her beauty and legendary status. The images aim to appreciate rather than critique Cher’s choices.

Cher’s enduring career, spanning six decades, showcases her resilience and impact in the entertainment industry. The article highlights her candidness about aging, commitment to personal style, and the creative exploration of her hypothetical natural aging process.