How To Take Care Of Invading Lady Beetles

Ladybugs and Asian lady beetles may seem similar, but there are key differences, especially when it comes to their behavior and impact. While ladybugs are beneficial for the environment, Asian lady beetles can be invasive and bothersome, often invading homes in swarms and even biting people.

Distinguishing between the two is crucial. Asian lady beetles have an “M” shape near their head, which ladybugs lack. Additionally, while ladybugs prefer to stay outdoors, Asian lady beetles are known for infiltrating homes, leaving behind a yellow liquid and sometimes biting.

As temperatures drop, Asian lady beetles seek refuge indoors, entering through cracks and crevices in search of warmth. However, there’s a simple solution to deal with these unwanted guests.

Autumn McWhorter shared a homemade remedy on Facebook, which has proven to be highly effective. By mixing warm water, sugar, and liquid dish soap in a mason jar and leaving it out, Asian lady beetles are attracted to the solution. Once inside the jar, they become trapped and unable to escape.

For those frustrated with Asian lady beetles invading their homes, this inexpensive and easy-to-implement solution offers a quick and effective fix. Thanks to Autumn for sharing this helpful tip!