Husband Makes Pregnant Wife Work 40+ Hours & Manage All House Chores — Family Finds Out on Thanksgiving Day

During a renovation, a woman and her fiancé stayed with her pregnant sister, witnessing the lack of support from her husband. The sister managed a full-time job, house chores, and four children while pregnant, while the husband did little, even though the sister earned more.

The woman and her fiancé provided assistance during their stay, making her sister relieved. However, the husband portrayed himself differently when his family was around.

The sister wanted no more children, but the husband insisted, causing concern for the kids. The eldest tried to help, but the sister resisted, fearing a broken home.

At a pre-Thanksgiving dinner, the woman confronted the husband about his negligence, leaving him uncomfortable. Her sister thanked her but later, the husband accused her of causing family trouble.

The incident made him the family laughingstock, but he blamed the woman for the consequences, making her question her actions.

In a Reddit post, a woman shared her sister’s struggle with her unhelpful husband during pregnancy. She confronted him at a family dinner, receiving mixed reactions.