Husband Notices ‘Odd Taste’ in Drinks & Food His Wife Gives Him, Installs Surveillance Camera at Home

In Jefferson City, Missouri, high school teacher Sarah Scheffer, 37, faces grave charges for allegedly poisoning her husband. The situation unfolded when her husband noticed an odd taste in his food and drinks, leading to symptoms like severe fatigue and confusion. Suspecting foul play, he installed CCTV at home.

The footage was damning, capturing Scheffer mixing a smoothie with Lily of the Valley, known for its deadly cardiac effects. Authorities tested the smoothie, confirming the presence of the toxic plant. During interrogation, Scheffer admitted her awareness of the plant’s lethal potential, acknowledging she deliberately used it.

Scheffer, a teacher at Calvary Lutheran High School, was immediately arrested, shocking the community.

The school clarified that her actions were completely outside of her professional environment, assuring that necessary steps were taken post-arrest. This case has thrown a grim spotlight on a respected educator, leaving the community in disbelief.