Husband Of Slain Officer Struggles Raising Newborn Baby, Then Gets a 32-Pound Delivery

A group of California mothers are rallying to support a 4-month-old baby girl whose mother, police officer Lesley Zerebny, was tragically shot and killed while on duty in Palm Springs.

Lesley Zerebny, a 27-year-old police officer and mother, was fatally shot in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance call. She left behind a 4-month-old daughter, Cora.

In a heartwarming gesture, more than 500 ounces of breast milk were donated to support Cora. A group of women from Northern California’s Monterey area came together to donate the milk, which will be screened and tested before being given to Cora.

The effort was initiated by a woman named Ashley, who wanted to offer assistance during this difficult time. She quickly organized the donation of a month’s worth of breast milk in coolers.

The Palm Springs Police Officers Association also mentioned that donations of Enfamil baby formula could be sent to the department for those willing to help further.

The tragic incident took the lives of two officers, Lesley Zerebny and her partner Jose Gilbert Vega. The suspect, John Felix, was apprehended after a shootout with police and is expected to face charges for their murders.

This support from the community, including the breast milk donation, showcases the compassion and solidarity that people are capable of in times of tragedy.

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