I am so sad to hear of the passing

Musician Michael Nesmith, known for his role in The Monkees, has passed away at 78. Described as “the Smart One” in the group, he grappled with the superficiality of teen idol-dom during their TV series. He desired a greater role in their music creation but was often overshadowed by session players and songwriters. In 1970, he left the band to pursue a solo career, showing foresight.

Nesmith played a pivotal role in country-rock and music videos. He merged country and rock in his solo work, influencing the genre’s development. He also pioneered the concept of a “visual album” with his 1977 release. As a multifaceted artist, he ventured into novels and independent music releases, showcasing his creativity and entrepreneurship.

Michael Nesmith’s legacy in music, multimedia, and entrepreneurship is a lasting one. He leaves behind a mark as a visionary artist who pushed boundaries and will continue to inspire future generations.