I Asked Out a Woman I Liked to a Restaurant but Blocked Her Right after Our Date

A 28-year-old man, using dating apps post-pandemic, had a disastrous third date with a woman. While the initial coffee date went well, red flags appeared during the restaurant visit. The woman, after forgetting her wallet, was rude to the waitress and complained about her order. The breaking point came when she ordered the priciest dish, disliked it, and asked for a replacement.

Frustrated, he excused himself to the bathroom but instead informed the waitress about the situation. He left money to cover his portion and even offered an extra $20 if she claimed ignorance about his departure.

It took the woman 20 minutes to realize he had left. When she contacted him, he blocked her upon returning home. Seeking opinions on Reddit, he received mixed responses about his abrupt exit.

In summary, a seemingly promising date turned disastrous due to the woman’s behavior. Faced with constant complaints and escalating costs, the man decided to escape mid-date, leaving the woman to foot the bill.