I Ditched a Woman on Our First Date despite Everything Going Fine, but I Can Justify My Decision

A man shared his dating experience on Reddit, seeking opinions on whether he was wrong for abruptly leaving his date named Kim. They initially met on a dating app, exchanged messages, and decided to meet for coffee.

During the date, the man found it boring but continued to a park after a 30-minute drive. Things took a turn when Kim, in his absence, flirted with another man and gave him her number. Feeling disrespected, the man decided to leave her at the park, 40 minutes from her home.

Online reactions were mixed. Some supported his decision, highlighting the inappropriateness of Kim’s actions, while others deemed him harsh for leaving her stranded. Opinions varied on whether his response was justified, with some emphasizing kindness despite the circumstances.

In the broader context of dating etiquette, the incident sparked a debate on appropriate behavior and how individuals handle uncomfortable situations during a date. The story serves as a reminder of the complexities and unexpected turns that can arise in the realm of dating.