I Inherited 125K from My Deceased Grandpa but My Mom Took All the Money Away from Me

An 18-year-old girl inherited $125,000 from her deceased grandfather but ran into problems when she asked her mother to transfer the money for her college education. Her mother insisted on keeping the money, claiming it was repayment for everything she had done for her daughter over the years.

The girl had a complicated relationship with her parents, and her mother’s refusal to transfer the inheritance money strained it further. After calculating that her mother had stolen around $125,000 from her over the years, including the inheritance, she confronted her mother.

Her mother reacted angrily, asserting that the money was rightfully hers due to medical bills she had paid for her daughter. The girl threatened legal action if her mother didn’t return the money.

Upon seeking advice on Reddit, most users supported the girl’s actions and suggested involving an attorney to resolve the matter. In an update, the girl revealed that her father was assisting her in recovering the money, and her mother’s actions had led to a lawsuit, potential criminal charges, and a divorce.

Ultimately, the girl thanked Reddit users for their guidance and hoped for a positive resolution, including her father gaining full custody of his children.