I Left the Bartender a 50% Tip but She Thanked Only My Husband

A woman and her husband had an unexpected experience at a restaurant. The bartender seemed to ignore the woman and only interacted with her husband during their dinner. This situation escalated when the woman left a generous tip, and the bartender thanked only her husband.

The couple decided to dine out one evening and took their seats at the bar. The husband, a regular at the restaurant, emphasized the importance of leaving a good tip for the new bartender. Throughout the evening, the bartender directed all inquiries about the food and service to the husband, seemingly overlooking the woman.

Despite this, the woman paid the $60 bill and left a $30 tip in cash, appreciating her husband’s patronage and her own experience in a tip-based job. However, the bartender exclusively thanked her husband, which left the woman feeling annoyed.

In response, the woman sarcastically told the bartender that she paid the tab and left a tip. The bartender didn’t acknowledge her comment. During their ride home, the husband expressed discomfort with her comment, not realizing any rudeness from the bartender.

The woman sought opinions on Reddit’s “AITA” forum, where most users declared her “NTA” and supported her. Many found the bartender’s behavior rude, while some speculated that the bartender may have been flirting with the woman’s husband.