“I Lost Both Of My Legs Because Of A Tampon”, Lauren Wasser Defied the Odds and Became a Prominent Model

Lauren Wasser, a model and activist, defied the odds to become a prominent figure in the fashion industry after a devastating experience. Born into a modeling family, she started her career early but transitioned to basketball. However, at 24, her life took a tragic turn when she contracted toxic shock syndrome (TSS) from a tampon.

TSS is caused by a bacterial overgrowth that releases a deadly toxin. Wasser’s battle was intense, including renal failure and two heart attacks. She survived, but gangrene forced her to amputate her right leg. In 2018, her left leg suffered the same fate.

Wasser became an advocate for TSS awareness and safer menstrual products, highlighting the harmful components of tampons. She returned to modeling with gold-toned prosthetics, earning the nickname “the girl with the golden legs.”

Now, she leads an active life, playing basketball and pursuing modeling opportunities. She advocates for inclusivity in the fashion industry and was recognized on Harper’s Bazaar’s Women of the Year 2022 covers. Her story reflects resilience and a new era in modeling