I refused to give my ex-wife money for food for her and our kids when I discovered her true intentions

A man shared his story on the “AITA” subreddit about his struggles with his ex-wife and their two children, now 15 and 12. Initially, they shared 50/50 custody after their divorce. However, his ex-wife remarried, and he stopped providing spousal support. Recently, her new husband left her, leaving her in financial distress.

His ex-wife called him, asking for food as she had run out of money. OP agreed to help, but after discussing with his girlfriend, decided to bring her a large supply of elk, venison, wild hog, beef, pork, chicken, canned vegetables, and fresh garden produce instead of giving her cash. When he offered the groceries, she refused and asked for money instead, calling the food “scraps.”

Despite her anger, OP remained firm, prioritizing his children’s needs. His children confirmed they had food but needed to prepare it. “Both of them also said that if I was willing to spare some of the elk and hog roasts they would take them. I laughed and said I would take them over later,” OP wrote.

The ex-wife accused him of forcing her into a “housewife” role. Some family members sided with her, suggesting he should have given her money. However, OP stood his ground, believing he was fulfilling his responsibility.