I Refused to Help My MIL after How She Treated My Family When We Almost Lost Everything

A Redditor shares her experience of hardship when she and her husband faced homelessness due to medical bills, highlighting the lack of support from her in-laws. The couple, with four kids, lost their home and lived in their car for four months. Only the OP’s mother offered assistance.

  1. Struggle and Sole Support The couple, drowning in medical bills, lost their home and lived in their car for four months. The OP’s mother provided the only support, while her husband’s mother, living in a six-bedroom house, did not offer help, citing discomfort with living with others.
  2. Mother’s Assistance Eventually, the OP’s mother bought them a camper, aiding their recovery. The couple started a business, repaid the mother, and bought a home. The OP never held a grudge but remembered the lack of support during their toughest times.
  3. Mother-in-Law’s Financial Crisis The mother-in-law faced foreclosure, owing $20,000 in taxes. When the husband asked for financial help, the OP refused, emphasizing she wouldn’t jeopardize their stability. Despite hypothetical scenarios, she stood firm against letting the mother-in-law move in or pay her taxes.
  4. Tensions and Grudges The husband persisted, suggesting building an extra room for his mother. The OP, refusing to forget past neglect, stood her ground, leading to tensions in their relationship. Commenters supported her decision, considering it a lesson in karma.
  5. Community Response Seeking validation on Reddit, the OP found support, with others agreeing that her decision was fair, given the lack of assistance during their difficult times. The story resonated with those finding it challenging to understand the mother-in-law’s unwillingness to share her spacious home.