If You Ever Notice A Black Dot On Someone’s Palm, Call The Police Immediately

The Black Dot Campaign is a discreet way for domestic violence victims to seek help. By drawing a black dot on their palms, victims can silently signal their distress. Its leaders say, “A black dot on the hand can serve as a silent SOS.” This initiative started on Facebook and quickly became a global movement, aiding numerous individuals.

When you see a black dot on someone’s hand, it’s a call for help, not just a mark. Healthcare workers and law enforcement should be alerted, as the person might be in danger but unable to openly seek help.

One survivor used this method while pregnant to escape her abuser. She wrote “HELP ME” on her hand during a hospital visit, leading to intervention and safety. The campaign’s message is clear: if you notice a black dot on someone’s palm, call the authorities.

This campaign reminds us that simple gestures can save lives in the battle against domestic violence. Sharing this information is crucial to supporting those in need.