If You See Someone With These Tattoos, Call The Cops

Tattoos can be artistic, but some signal gang affiliations, now present even in smaller towns.

Recognizing these tattoos is crucial for safety. Examples include:

– “14” or “88”: Neo-Nazi Aryan Brotherhood affiliations, often seen in prison.

– Spiderweb: Indicates time served in prison, possibly joining a gang for protection.

– Teardrop: Signals a murder committed for the gang.

– “Three Dots”: Represents a gang lifestyle, not tied to a specific group.

– Five-Dot: Indicates a lengthy prison sentence.

– “MS”: Linked to the infamous MS-13 gang, known for random violence.

Spotting these tattoos should raise red flags. With increasing gang activity and challenges for law enforcement, vigilance is key. Being observant can help prevent harm.