Inside Barbra Streisand’s multi-million-dollar dream home

Barbra Streisand’s illustrious career spans various entertainment realms, from music to film. An accomplished singer and actress, she’s a multi-award winner, holding Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and Tonys.


Streisand’s Broadway debut led to iconic music hits like “The Way We Were” and “Woman in Love.” She’s sold over 150 million records globally and holds Grammy records.

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Her film debut, as Fanny Brice, earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress, shared with Katherine Hepburn.
Reflecting on the moment, she shared, “I was kind of a mess, but it was lovely to receive an Academy Award, I must say.”


With a net worth of around $400 million, Streisand’s philanthropy supports causes close to her heart.
Married to actor James Brolin for over 30 years, she appreciates his honesty and considers their companionship essential.


Their Malibu mansion is a masterpiece, featuring eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and stunning ocean views. Streisand’s meticulous attention to color coordination, even down to candy wrappers, is evident.


An aficionado of design, Streisand’s estate includes distinct spaces designed by both her and her husband.The mansion’s lower level is a unique tribute, turned into a mall showcasing Streisand’s memorabilia.