Inside the love story of Marlo Thomas & Phil Donahue

Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue, known for their enduring love, share insights into their 40-year marriage in their book, “What Makes a Marriage Last.” Despite Marlo’s initial aversion to marriage, expressed as, “Marriage is like a vacuum cleaner,” she experienced a change of heart upon meeting Donahue.

The couple met in 1977 in Chicago, and after three years of dating, they tied the knot in a small ceremony in 1980. Marlo’s initial reluctance surprised friends and family, who recalled her previous critiques of marriage at her bridal shower. Despite public shock and questions, the couple’s union endured.

Marlo became a stepmother to Phil’s four sons and embraced a parenting role while maintaining her independence. Their marriage faced challenges, including periods of separation due to Phil’s show in Chicago and Marlo’s acting career. Marlo’s commitment to Phil’s children mirrored her mother’s approach, fostering strong relationships.

The couple attributes the longevity of their marriage to trust and unwavering support. Marlo acknowledges that trust is built when a partner consistently has your back. Phil emphasizes that both individuals must actively desire a lasting marriage. Reflecting on their journey, Marlo expresses gratitude for Donahue’s support in every aspect of her life.

Even after four decades together, Marlo and Phil see their marriage as an ongoing, beautiful journey, offering inspiration and an example of enduring love for others.