Is Joe Biden, 80, fit to serve another four years? Doctors are concerned about President’s health after a first term marred by gaffes and falls.

President Joe Biden, 80, has sparked worries about his capacity for a second term after launching his reelection campaign. Experts are concerned about his cognitive deterioration and the potential negative impact of another presidency on his health.

Biden’s first term was marked by several public gaffes and falls, raising concerns about his condition. He faced a heart ailment causing rapid pulse and dizziness, and he’s suffered from atrial fibrillation since 2003, taking blood thinners.

Healthcare professionals, including geriatricians, cardiologists, and internal medicine physicians, express reservations about an 86-year-old serving as president due to his health conditions and the associated risks.

Biden’s tendency to stumble and fall raises alarm, as falls become more severe with age, particularly for individuals on blood thinners.

Medical experts point out the potential for serious complications, such as internal bleeding, head injuries, or medical emergencies, given his health conditions and medications. His high cholesterol further increases risk factors for heart attacks, strokes, and kidney issues.

While Biden’s reelection campaign is underway, the medical community raises concerns about his ability to effectively serve another term considering his age and health challenges.