‘Is That Her?’: Shania Twain’s Fans Are Shocked after Noticing Her ‘New’ Teeth

Shania Twain’s recent Instagram post, featuring her sporting pink hair and what some fans perceive as new teeth, stirred quite a reaction. Social media users expressed surprise and even difficulty recognizing the iconic singer.

The snapshot, part of a cover shoot for Haute Living, showcased Twain’s vibrant hair alongside her gleaming smile, prompting a flurry of comments. Some followers lamented the perceived changes, with one user expressing disappointment, saying, “Ten years ago, she was aging BEAUTIFULLY. This new version is just not it.”

Critiques focused particularly on Twain’s dental transformation, with one commenter noting, “The new mouth and teeth ruin her.” However, despite the mixed reactions, Twain seemed unperturbed, explaining her choice to experiment with pink locks as a response to her greying hair and a desire to feel youthful.

For Twain, personal expression takes precedence over public opinion. She emphasized her carefree approach to life, stating, “I’m not worried about wearing a hair color and not pulling it off.” This philosophy extends beyond her appearance, reflecting her determination to live boldly and without inhibition.

Ultimately, Twain’s decision to embrace change, whether through her hair color or otherwise, reflects her commitment to authenticity and self-expression, regardless of the scrutiny she may face from fans and critics alike.