“It Felt Like My Organs were being Crushed,” Said a 20-Year-Old Woman from Florida After Having a 100-Pound Ovarian Cyst Removed.

Allison Fisher’s health scare began with irregular menstrual cycles and severe stomach pain at 20. Reluctant due to past weight-focused doctor visits, she delayed seeking help until a mass grew on her stomach, causing extreme discomfort. A doctor diagnosed her with an oversized ovarian cyst, pressing on her lungs and compromising breathing. Specialist Dr. Martin Martino successfully removed the 100-pound cyst through surgery, preserving Fisher’s fertility.

Fisher shared her story to encourage others, especially those hesitant due to weight stigma, to seek medical care when needed. Her experience highlights the importance of proactive reproductive health monitoring regardless of weight. While being overweight can pose risks, bodily malfunctions can occur in individuals of all sizes. Compassionate and open-minded medical professionals play a crucial role in addressing health concerns effectively.

Fisher considers herself fortunate to have been given a second chance at life through the discovery and removal of her ovarian cyst. Her story serves as a reminder of the significance of reproductive health awareness and regular check-ups in safeguarding overall well-being and future fertility.