It was as little as a nail when she discovered it on the ground while walking through the forest.

A woman stumbled upon a remarkable find in the forest: a baby feathertail glider named Boop at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. Boop, weighing under a gram and having ventured out of her mother’s pouch, received dedicated care for her eventual release into the wild.

Feathertail gliders are distinctive for their flat tails covered in feather-like hair. Despite adults weighing just 10-15 grams, they have the ability to glide like falling leaves, thanks to skin folds extending from elbow to knee.

These tiny possums inhabit trees, nourishing themselves with nectar, pollen, and insects. Their furry, frog-like feet have large pads with serrated grooves, providing an excellent grip on various surfaces.

Feathertail gliders can be found across eastern Australia, creating nests in diverse locations. They live in communal groups year-round in the north, whereas in the south, they adhere to seasonal breeding patterns.

In the wild, they typically have a lifespan of around four years, with minimal size and appearance differences between sexes. Boop’s discovery offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of these charming creatures.