ITALIAN Woman Turns Into a Cat With 20 Body Modifications

Meet Chiara Dell’Abate, a 22-year-old Italian woman known as Aydin Mod, who is on a mission to become a human cat. Her journey involves approximately 20 body modifications, including 72 piercings, a split tongue, and unique alterations like four horns, six genital beads, and eyeball tattoos. Chiara documents her transformation on TikTok, where her videos have gone viral, showcasing her desire to embody feline characteristics.

Despite her dramatic changes, Chiara plans even more alterations to fully resemble a cat, such as a “cat eyes lift,” teeth reshaping, additional fillers, and a tail attachment. Her love for cats drives this unique quest, and she remains committed to achieving her desired “cat lady” appearance. Chiara’s transformation reflects a bold form of self-expression and identity exploration, drawing both fascination and curiosity from viewers worldwide. What do you think of Chiara’s journey to become a human Catwoman?