It’s on the underside of our cabinet in the house we recently bought, built in the ’70s. Any ideas what it could be?

Tucked beneath the kitchen cupboard is a humble relic of practical ingenuity from the 1970s: the under-cabinet jar opener.

With its unassuming metal teeth, it stands as a symbol of the past’s resilience and straightforwardness. Operating it is as straightforward as can be: just position a jar lid between the teeth and twist until they catch.

The lid releases with a satisfying pop, a sound familiar in family kitchens throughout the years. This tool has remained steadfast through changing fashions, bearing witness to countless meals and cherished moments shared around the kitchen counter.

It represents a piece of history, enduring and effortlessly straightforward, bridging the gap between a bygone era of self-sufficiency and our modern, fast-paced lifestyle.