Jaclyn Smith Still Lives in Luxury Home She Bought in 1991 & Raised Her 2 Kids In — Inside Her Mansion

In 1991, iconic actress Jaclyn Smith acquired a six-bedroom Georgian colonial mansion in Los Angeles. Reflecting on her purchase, she shared, “It’s a great family home with a lot of sunlight coming through the windows, and it’s surrounded by a lot of land.” Jaclyn’s love for the 18th Century influenced her interior choices, combining nostalgia with modern comfort.

Jaclyn meticulously redesigned every room, ensuring it catered to her family’s needs. The property boasted amenities like a tennis court and a pool, catering to her son Gatson and daughter Spencer-Margaret. Jaclyn’s commitment to family extended beyond aesthetics; she allowed her children’s bedrooms to showcase their tastes, emphasizing the importance of individuality within the family unit.

Jaclyn’s fourth marriage to heart surgeon Dr. Brad Allen brought a sense of completeness to her life. Reflecting on their meeting, she shared, “With the success of Charlie’s Angels, I was finally able to buy my own home.” Her husband appreciated her efforts in making their home a personal sanctuary. The couple’s shared values and spiritual alignment deepened their bond, celebrating 21 years of marriage in 2018.

Jaclyn’s resilience shone through during her battle with cancer in 2002. She found solace and strength in her family and friends. Today, surrounded by loved ones, including her children and granddaughter, Jaclyn cherishes her time at home with Brad. Despite her successful Hollywood career, it’s the warmth and protection of her family that truly make her happy.

Beyond the elegant design and comfortable furniture, Jaclyn emphasizes that it’s the people she loves who make her mansion a home. Her office is a treasure trove of memories, housing scrapbooks and “Charlie’s Angels” scripts. Despite renovations, it’s the presence of her loved ones that defines her home, creating a welcoming haven for all who enter.