Jane Fonda Accused Of “Treason” During News Broadcast

Jane Fonda, known for her controversial actions during the Vietnam War, has faced renewed criticism from former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, who accused her of “treason” on a Fox News segment. Fonda’s 1972 visit to Vietnam, where she was photographed on an anti-aircraft gun, sparked outrage at the time.

Miller claimed she served as a “tool of North Vietnamese Communist propaganda” by participating in radio broadcasts and called her actions treasonous.

While Fonda previously apologized for the “Hanoi Jane” photo, she remained unapologetic about her anti-war activism. Recently, she has shifted her focus to environmental issues, criticizing President Biden for not acting swiftly enough to stop the Trump pipeline.

Fonda believes urgent measures are needed to combat climate change.

The debate over Fonda’s actions during the war continues, with Miller branding her a traitor, a claim that remains contentious.