Jane Fonda makes surprising admission about dating rule at 85 which has angered a lot of people

Jane Fonda, 85, shared a surprising dating preference on the podcast “Absolutely Not,” stating that if she were to have a lover, he’d have to be 20. When asked why, she humorously replied, “Because I don’t like old skin.” The comedian host, Heather McMahan, laughed along, and online reactions were mixed. Some found it amusing and praised Fonda’s honesty, while others felt uncomfortable with the age gap.

In a previous podcast appearance, Fonda mentioned preferring a younger man, emphasizing her youthful mindset despite her age. Despite her recent admission, she has faced criticism, with some users expressing discomfort and others defending her humor.

Aside from her dating preferences, Fonda, a climate-change activist, was recently seen at LAX, where she has been undergoing treatment for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Fortunately, she announced in December that her cancer is in remission, bringing a positive turn to her health journey.