Jane Fonda, at 84, bravely confronts the reality of her mortality, acknowledging she’s “ready” for what lies ahead. In an exclusive interview, the Hollywood legend emphasizes realism, urging others her age to accept the passage of time. Fonda disclosed her diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September, expressing optimism about its treatability and recognizing her privilege of access to healthcare. Undeterred by her health challenge, she plans to undergo chemotherapy with resilience and determination.

The daughter of Henry Fonda, Jane’s illustrious career includes seven Oscar nominations and iconic roles in films like Klute and Barbarella, as well as the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Her contemplation on mortality inspires resilience and gratitude in confronting life’s adversities. Fonda’s openness about her health journey serves as an inspiration, reminding others that even in challenging times, a positive outlook can inspire countless others.