Jason Kelce, wife Kylie mourn the death of their beloved dog Winnie: “I lost part of my soul today”

NFL star Jason Kelce and wife Kylie are grieving the loss of their beloved Irish Wolfhound, Winnie. Kylie shared the sad news on Instagram, expressing her deep sorrow: “I lost part of my soul today.” While details about Winnie’s passing weren’t disclosed, Kylie fondly recalled fulfilling her dream of owning an Irish Wolfhound, praising Winnie as everything she hoped for.

Their Instagram post featured heartfelt moments with Winnie, including her role as the “flower girl” at their 2018 wedding. The couple, known for their love of dogs, also have another Irish Wolfhound named Baloo, with both pets having their own Instagram account.

Jason Kelce’s brother, NFL star Travis Kelce, and many others extended their condolences to the grieving couple. The loss of a cherished pet resonates deeply with people from all walks of life, highlighting the universal experience of saying goodbye to a beloved companion.

The bond between humans and their pets transcends fame and fortune, as demonstrated by the outpouring of support for the Kelces during this difficult time. Winnie’s memory will undoubtedly live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.