JASONS MAMOA Reveals He doesn’t Have ‘Home Right Now’ Following Divorce from Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa, famous for roles in “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones,” recently revealed his nomadic lifestyle post-divorce from Lisa Bonet, saying, “I don’t even have a home right now.” The couple had announced their separation in 2022, emphasizing their desire for a dignified parting.

Momoa’s new project, an HBO documentary called “On the Roam,” sees him traveling the country, collaborating with artisans who create art from vintage bikes and musical instruments. These unique creations are later auctioned for charity. Momoa is enthusiastic about the project, aiming to showcase everyday people’s craft while honoring the artisans who inspire him.

The series premieres on HBO Max on January 18, highlighting Momoa’s interest in supporting artisan crafts. He plans to use Instagram to promote the auction of items from the show, with the goal of “spreading some love.”