Jill St. John starred with Sean Connery in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ – this is the Bond girl today, age 82

The James Bond franchise has captivated audiences worldwide with its iconic characters and thrilling adventures. Among the memorable figures in the series are the “Bond girls,” glamorous female companions to the suave secret agent. One of the standout Bond girls is Jill St. John, who portrayed Tiffany Case in the 1971 film “Diamonds Are Forever.”

Early Life and Career

Born Jill Oppenheimer on August 19, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, St. John began her acting career at a young age. By the time she was 15, she had already appeared in various TV shows and radio programs. Her passion for acting led her to study at the Hollywood Professional School and later UCLA. However, she decided to drop out of college after being signed by Universal Pictures.

In the 1960s, St. John’s career flourished, and she became a sought-after actress known for her seductive looks and wit. Her big break came when she was cast as Tiffany Case in “Diamonds Are Forever,” making her the first American Bond girl.

A Life Beyond Hollywood

Following her success in Hollywood, St. John decided to step away from the spotlight and pursue other interests. She sold her mansion in Beverly Hills and embraced a more relaxed lifestyle, traveling, and enjoying her passions, such as skiing and hiking.

After several years, she returned to acting and continued to make cameo appearances in various productions. In 1990, St. John married actor Robert Wagner, and they have since enjoyed a happy and enduring marriage.

Living the Dream

Today, Jill St. John and Robert Wagner reside on a beautiful estate in Aspen, Colorado, far from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. St. John has retired from acting but has found fulfillment as a TV chef, cooking expert, and food columnist. She also established the Aunts Club, a group supporting underprivileged children.

At 82 years old, Jill St. John’s legacy as a talented actress and beloved Bond girl endures. Her marriage to Robert Wagner remains strong, and together, they lead a fulfilling life away from the public eye.